The pleasure of a professional massage in hotel

Villa Fiorita Wellness Hotel invites you to a rejuvenating journey: give your body and mind a professional massage!

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our wellness and spa center in Umbria, where expert hands will envelop you in an embrace of relaxation and care.

Choose from relaxing and healing massages, perfect for relieving stress and regaining inner harmony. Let our experts guide you on a personalized wellness journey, to rediscover the pleasure of taking care of yourself.

Give yourself a break of pure relaxation, a precious moment for you and only you. Hotel Villa Fiorita will be your refuge to find peace and serenity.

What are you waiting for? Check out our offers and book your massage today!



All our massages are performed by qualified personnel with proven experience.

Advance reservations are recommended for all massages before arrival, to ensure availability.

Clients are requested to strictly adhere to the agreed times. Any delays may reduce the duration of the scheduled treatment.

Treatments not cancelled by the afternoon of the previous day will still be charged.

5 Massage rooms for a wide range of massages to choose from:

1 Massage Bed: infrared massage bed with 9 therapeutic programs and 5 wellness programs

1 Yanna Massage: relaxing massage performed on a special oscillating bed that activates revitalizing processes and reduces muscle tension giving a sense of inner calm

1 Hydroactive Facial Treatment: hydrating and restructuring treatment for dry and dehydrated skin Anti-aging

Special price €180 €149

Promotion not combinable with “Simplebooking reservations” from our site.

Couple massages are performed in separate rooms but can be scheduled at the same time.


For our guests, we offer wellness and relaxation packages that include massages or combinations of massages and beauty treatments to make the most of your stay with us.

Relax Package (per person)
1 partial massage + 1 comfort touch (relaxing face and neck massage and purifying mask)
Price: € 70

Special Couples’ Packages (per room)
carried out in separate massage rooms.

2 partial massages
Price: € 70

2 full body massages
Price: € 110

2 Yanna massages
Price: € 130

1 facial cleansing with paraffin
body scrub
Price: € 75

1 candle massage
1 full body massage
1 45-minute infrared massage bed
1 comfort touch
Price: € 200

1 full body massage
1 full body mud treatment
Price: € 110

1 Hot stone massage
1 Californian massage
1 Candle massage
1 Yanna massage
Price: € 300

Sand rain, breath of wind, rhythm of water.

From the remote lands of Oman, the Arab Wadi Massage Detox & Relax restores the perfect flow of mind-body energy in harmony with nature and its elements.

Promotional price €75 instead of €85.

Bamboo Massage is a mixed massage technique that combines Eastern and Western principles. Originating from Southeast Asia, it features deep maneuvers with bamboo canes that stimulate circulation, reduce cellulite and fat deposits, and tone muscles with a decontracting and invigorating effect. Suitable for everyone, it promotes overall well-being and the body’s energy balance, according to Eastern philosophy.

Duration 50’
Price € 100

Originating in California in the 1960s, Californian massage is a holistic treatment that combines Swedish massage techniques, stretching, and fluid movements to promote relaxation, self-awareness, and overall well-being. Also known as the “Esalen method,” it is particularly effective for reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia, behavioral disorders, and issues related to weight and metabolism. Ideal for those seeking a complete and deep anti-stress massage that stimulates dream work and emotional balance, and rebalances the body and mind.

Duration 50’
Price € 100

It is a total relaxing massage, beneficial from all points of view because it involves all the senses, performed in a warm, comfortable environment illuminated with soft lighting. Particularly pleasant is the background with “ambient” music and the use of scented candles with their engaging reflections and aromas: all this will help to create a magical atmosphere.

The use of natural oils will make the massage more fluid and rejuvenating.

A tip: thoroughly clean the skin to remove impurities and make it more receptive and sensitive.

Duration 40’  
Price € 60

Special offer: the same massage with anti-cellulite oil or cream 
Price € 68

Lomi-Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian practice that uses manipulation to release tensions and promote deep physical and inner renewal. Based on the idea that blocked emotions manifest as stiffness in the body, Lomi-Lomi aims to rebalance vital energy. Its philosophy is encapsulated in the greeting “ALOHA,” which expresses love, mutual help, and support. This holistic massage works on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) to encourage change and well-being.

Duration 45’  
Price € 85

A targeted treatment that releases tension and provides relief to specific areas of the body often subjected to stress and fatigue. Through decontracting and relaxing manual maneuvers, the massage focuses on the back, neck, and head, alleviating muscle pain, cervicalgia, and accumulated tensions.

Duration 25’  
Price € 38

To reactivate circulation and remove heaviness.

Can also be done with anti-cellulite cream.

Duration 25’  
Price € 38

This is a refreshing and invigorating massage that relaxes and loosens all the muscles of the body.

Duration 30’  
Price € 50

It is an infrared massage bed with 9 therapeutic programs and 5 wellness programs that combines vibration technology with the beneficial effects of infrared rays, scientifically designed to achieve extraordinary psychophysical well-being.

Ideal for:

  • stimulating lymphatic circulation
  • treatments for athletes
  • combating back pain, cervical issues, and osteoarthritis
  • fighting poor circulation

Duration 45’
Price € 45

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient therapy that uses smooth heated stones to relieve muscle pain, tension, and improve circulation. The stones are heated to a temperature of about 60-70°C and combined with healing oils depending on the type of treatment and the benefits desired.

Benefits include:

  • Dissolving muscle stiffness
  • Relaxing the spine
  • Improving circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Joint mobility
  • Relaxation of tissues
  • Stress reduction
  • Psychophysical well-being

In addition to promoting relaxation and general well-being, the stones placed on the chakras and applied alternately hot and cold can help rebalance energy and bodily awareness according to Indian and Ayurvedic traditions.

Duration 50’  
Price € 85

Manual technique that aims to restore physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

It can be considered the massage for every need: draining, anti-stress and balancing.

Massage oil is chosen in the cabin according to one’s taste.

Duration 30’  
Price € 48

Chocolate massage utilizes manual massage techniques that, combined with the antioxidant and nutrient-rich properties of chocolate, relieve muscle tensions, improve circulation, and promote a deep sense of relaxation.

Benefits of this massage:

  • Drainage and counteraction of water retention: the stimulation of the lymphatic system promotes the elimination of excess fluids and fights cellulite.
  • Reduction of localized fat with a toning effect
  • Anti-aging action: chocolate counters free radicals, nourishes the skin, and increases elasticity.
  • Anti-stress effect: the fragrances of chocolate and the relaxing massage reduce stress and anxiety.

Duration 60’  
Price € 90

This special massage is performed on a bed that, thanks to a manual oscillating movement, induces a state of deep relaxation and surrender. The movement evokes prenatal sensations, creating a sense of weightlessness and detachment from daily tensions, an atmosphere of security and tranquility that facilitates complete relaxation.

The massage activates revitalizing processes, reduces muscle tension, improves respiratory and energetic functionality, and gives way to a sensation of inner calm.

Duration 45’  
Price € 75

An effective and targeted treatment to combat cellulite and regain a toned and reshaped silhouette.

The innovative combination of heat and cold stimulates microcirculation and enhances the lipolytic action of active ingredients for visible and lasting results.

How it works:

  • Thermogenic action: heat promotes vasodilation and activation of cellular metabolism, burning excess fats.
  • Cryotherapy action: cold contracts blood vessels, toning the skin and promoting the drainage of stagnant fluids.
  • Lipolytic active ingredients: penetrate deeply and act directly on adipocytes, dissolving fats and promoting the elimination of toxins.

Not recommended for people who are pregnant, have thyroid problems and fragile capillaries.

Duration 45’
 Price € 45

Candle Massage is a holistic bodywork treatment that draws inspiration from ancient Eastern traditions to offer you a deep and complete wellness experience. Using manual massage techniques from Indonesian and Hawaiian traditions, the fluid movements and gentle pressures alternate to dissolve muscle tensions, improve circulation, and rebalance the body’s energy.

The warm oil and massage candles glide over the skin, providing a sense of deep relaxation and well-being.

Duration 45’  
Price € 45

Please note:

  • Prices are in Euros (€)
  • Packages are subject to availability
  • Please book your treatments in advance